Saturday, 17 April 2010

What next for Katie

The card I made for Katie this year is my most favourite yet. I got the idea from Jeannie Phillips blog  A place for my cards. Infact it was following Jeannie's blog and others linked to her that gave me the courage to have a go at starting a blog, so thanks for all the help by sharing and the fun I am now having.

The base card is A4
Blue sky paper from local craft shop, I added text on the computer.
Core dimentions card two shades of brown.
Paper doll dress up fence 4inch x2 welded using CDS, also used this cart and CDS for the grass.
Home decor branch 3.5inch Bird 1inch
Lyrical letters notes 3.75inch
Every day paper doll pig real dial size 2.5inch, small pig real dial size flipped cut 2inch, pig on inside of card cut at 2.25inch.
The Mummy pig was made using
Plantin schoolbook circle 4inches
Animal kingdom pigs face 3inch, feet 4inches


Jeannie Phillips said...

I love love love is so how you used the pig face on the "george" body... what a wonderful idea... and I love the branch and the bird...and the fence..I love that fence... what a wonderful card.

joeygirl86 said...

great card! it's very very cute!