Monday, 5 April 2010

On the road

Olivia's first birthday was shortly followed by Ben's. The Cars cartridge nearly led me to give up on my cricut. I had chosen Fillmore, cut at 4inch as my first project. Not to be recommended unless you have very good eyesight and loads of patience! I did achieve it but Fillmore is firmly fixed to my craft room wall and going no-where. I met a lady in my local craft shop and she was good enough to give me some tips, meeting her also led to me buying the Design Studio. The character on Ben's card is McQween2 I like to make cards using acetate I hope you like it.

Plantin school book all letters and numbers (I think number 1 is cut at 4inch)
Cars  road 6inch  amounted on the inside of the card and car 4.5inch mounted on front of card.
I cannot be certain of the sizes as I hadn't written them down, how silly is that. At least you get an idea.

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Aussieleigh said...

He's awesome...definitely worth persevering with Grace! Love the use of the acetate too!