Sunday, 4 March 2012

Another sweet pea

Well getting back into my blog has not been easy I have spent hours trying to sort out template problems and not really sorted it. Blogger will not allow me to apply my own backgrounds like I did before so stuck on this layout until I have time to sort it. Anyway enough of my grumbles I do have several projects to share starting with the simple ones. Here's the card I made for the proud parents of baby Chloe. She is so tiny she certainly is a sweet pea.

The base card is 8inch square hearts and peas are made with small punches.New arrival words sweet pea cut at 1.25 inch, pea pod cut at 3.75 inch Plantin schoolbook Chloe 1.5inch

Thanks for following my blog and the kind comments you
leave, they are what keep me going ox

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