Monday, 28 March 2011

Just for you

What a two weeks I have had, I have been trying to make another shaped book using Create a critter and design studio but my cricut kept going wrong so I don't know if I will need to replace it. I did eventually get the cuts done but the pages aren't as neat as I'd like. Anyway I will share it when it's fininshed.
I have spent two weeks back and forth trying to track a cartridge missing in the post. With any luck the company have now sent me another one. It's taught me that it's best to use paypal because I didn't get much help from the company until I got them involved, and it's the first time I'd used paypal.
I have also spent ages trying to sort a problem with my blog page without success. When I try to add buttons from blogs only half the button shows. I dont know why my template is narrow and I'm scared to try too much to change the template incase I lose all my posts. So if any of you nice ladies can help I'd be glad to hear from you as I would love to add you buttons.
I just love the card I have just made with some difficulty, I had to keep hiding it everytime my DH kept going past my craft room! I hope you like it and dare I say it myself it is very cute.

Best of pixar cut at 7.25 inches. He wasn't too bad to make certainly easier than Buzz and Cars. I'm not happy with the photo I will take some more and add them later

Thanks for following my blog and the kind comments you
leave, they are what keep me going ox

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