Monday, 11 October 2010

Toy story Lotso

This cartridge certainly arrived just in time for me to make family birthday cards. Here is the one I made for my youngest granddaughter. When we were out shopping I picked up some pink card, she suddenly shouted out "oh thats nice grandma" at the top of her voice so that was it, it just had to used for her card. Thanks to the ladies who left me lovely comments on my last post on Cricut MB.

Toy story I used design studio to create the base card. I duplicated flipped and welded the bear 7 inches, then hid the contours and cut. I did not use shadow. I then cut the bear added the layers and attached to the base card.
Celebrations balloons cut at 6.5 inches.

Thank you for following my blog and the kind comments
you leave,they are what keep me going ox

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